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"The body benefits from movement, and the mind benefits from stillness."



Meditation is a practice to peacefully focus the mind on something, allowing the external world to fade into the background, to cultivate calm, compassion, mindfulness and positivity.


Styles of meditation vary (see Meditation Techniques for examples), so you may focus on the breath, body, object, word or visual, freeing your mind of the triggers weighing you down.

Meditation allows us space between what we are faced with and our response to it, it gives us time to consider how we want to respond, before reacting from emotion.



Studies have shown that meditation activates parts of the brain associated with positive emotions. The practise also encourages gratitude and presence of now, rather than the 'next'.

Health and immunity

Meditation is proven to reduce blood pressure, increase blood flow and
reduce heart rate. It can help strengthen immunity and overall well-being.

Reduce stress 

Meditation calms down the nervous system and over time reduces the size of the brains stress centre – the amygdala.

Self awareness

Turning your attention inwards, to yourself, we listen and learn more about our emotions, needs and intentions.

Cultivate calm

 Regular meditation is proven to increase brain size in areas linked to emotion regulation. The act itself can also feel calming as we allow ourselves to just stop, and be still. 


Meditation induces the relaxation response which reduces activity in the sympathetic nervous system and is the opposite of fight-or-flight mode.

Kindness and compassion

Meditation improves the relationship you have with yourself, and helps you to feel more connected and compassionate to others, too. We are reminded that everyone faces challenges, no matter who they are, and that we all wish to be happy.

Feeling present

The practice of meditation cultivates a
mindful state – where we feel more present in the moment, instead of being lost in thoughts of the past or future.

“I am new to meditation and wasnt sure what to expect but the guided meditation provided in Frankie's sessions has really provided a moment of tranquil peace in my busy life of work and being a mum. I've come away from these feeling re-energised, calm and happier. Would highly recommend Peace of Mind."

Jade, Cullercoats






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