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Registration Form

Prior to attending any classes you are required to complete this registration form.


Registration Form

Please fill out the following form
prior to attending any classes.

Have you practised meditation before?
Do you experience any of the following?

Student’s responsibility – Meditation is a safe and effective stress management tool.
However, if you have any of the following conditions or are under supervision by the mental health team/health care provider, we will require you to obtain consent from them to attend this meditation course.

If you tick “yes” to any of the following contra-indications please either provide a letter from your mental health team/health care provider or alternatively sign the declaration below to confirm you have verbal consent from your mental health team/health care provider.

I declare I have made my mental health team/health care provider aware that I am attending a Beginners Meditation course and I agree that will notify my mental health team/health care provider should my health or symptoms change during the course.

GDPR Regulations:

In order to comply with the GDPR regulations can you please tick the boxes below?

Thanks for submitting!

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