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Hi, I’m Frankie.


I’m a busy working parent, living on the beautiful North Tyneside coast with my husband and two children.

I know first-hand that life can be chaotic and stressful – but I have experienced how meditation can cultivate a calm and peaceful state of mind, no matter what your external world looks like.

After practising meditation for over 20 years, I felt strongly that I wanted to share these life-changing techniques with others and for people to see what a difference they could make to their own happiness and well-being. So, in 2020 I trained to teach and graduated with Distinction from the British School of Meditation.

Over the years I have explored many styles of meditation and feel passionate about offering a range of techniques to clients in a secular, accessible way – so you can discover what best suits you.

Meditation is a simple, effective way of keeping your mind healthy – just as exercise is for the body, meditation is for the brain! It’s scientifically proven to strengthen areas of the brain associated with mental strength, focus and happiness and improves both physical and mental well-being.

So, what’s stopping you?


I began meditating aged 16 when I studied Buddhism in sixth form and my practice grew from there. Most people thought it was something hippy or 'woo-woo' but I kept an open mind and found it hugely beneficial to my mindset and anxiety. I noticed that when I practised regularly, I felt more focused, calm and in control and my panic attacks would subside.

 Like many things in life, my practice waned as I became busy. I travelled the country working as a presenter and then worked in busy newsrooms as a journalist, and then set up my own business in PR and communications.


I struggled with chronic stress and anxiety for years, it became my default setting. But, after a period of prolonged illness and burnout I knew I needed to change things. It was then that meditation became part of my daily life, taking 10 minutes a day to stop, to be, and focus inwards on myself. I discovered I was able to find some inner calm in the external chaos, knowing I couldn’t always control what happened around me, but I could manage how I reacted to it.

My overall health improved and I gained a new, more positive and calm perspective on things that challenged me. It was then I knew I wanted to share these methods with others.

Meditation has changed my life - it’s no silver bullet or quick-fix, but teaches you simple tools to manage the daily challenges we all face. Thanks to meditation I feel more patient, positive, present, calm, focused, compassionate and intuitive.

I teach sessions in a simple, secular way and believe anyone can meditate. The classes are held both on Zoom and in-person at the Fish Quay Studio by the Sea and can be taken as part of a group or as a private one-to-one session.

If you’d like to find out how, please get in touch for a friendly, informal chat.

Wishing you all Peace of Mind,


“I cannot recommend Frankie’s sessions enough. As a busy full-time working mummy of two girls under 6, fitting in these sessions was initially quite difficult, but now they have become a priority. Frankie is so warm and welcoming with such lovely a soothing voice! The weekday evening Zoom classes are easy to incorporate into busy lives. As a complete novice to meditation, I’m surprised at how well I’ve taken to it. I was initially quite skeptical, but as I’m nearing completing my 3rd block of classes, it is certainly something I look to continue. Thanks Frankie."

Donna, North Shields

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