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Meditation in the


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Benefits of meditation to business

Organisations that offer meditation sessions in the workplace cite many benefits to the business.

These include:

  • Higher productivity levels

  • Meeting 'Staff Well-being' commitment

  • Improving staff attendance rates

  • A happier workforce

  • Improved teamwork and staff morale

  • Greater staff loyalty, feeling supported by employer


Supporting staff well-being

Staff will be guided through a range of meditation styles during each one-hour session, including breathing techniques, mindfulness and mantra, with explanations of the benefits throughout.

The meditations will cultivate :

  • Focus and ability to be more present

  • Calm, positivity and emotional balance

  • Creativity

  • Mental strength and reslience

  • Productivity

  • Kindness and compassion, both to self and others

  • Improved mental and physical health and well-being


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