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Breath meditations

One of the most common styles of meditation is where we turn our attention to the breath, allowing distractions to fade into the background.


Using images to create peace and positivity, sometimes going on a journey somewhere calm and beautiful to induce relaxation and calm.


Buddhist styles of meditation we practise aim to cultivate positive feelings of kindness, compassion and gratitude – to ourselves and to others.


A tool where we focus on a word or phrase to bring about a certain positive state of mind and direct our thought process.

Body scan

Focusing on parts of our body one after the other and drawing our awareness to them individually – either simply to notice what is happening or to encourage relaxation.


Bringing all of our senses to be present with something; it may be an object, a question, or even food.


Mindfulness brings our awareness to the present moment that we are in, so that our mind and body connect to what is in each moment, without judgement or opinion, allowing thoughts about the past or future to fade away.

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