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What my clients say

Client reviews
Still unsure? Check out some reviews and reflections below from some of my lovely clients and see for yourself just how beneficial meditation can be.

North Shields

My mind is a very unruly place, always busy, darting about, unable to hold information for long - it's like a new puppy, loads of energy but not much control. Frankie's classes are like puppy training classes for my brain! I never thought I'd be able to meditate, but I'm really benefitting from it. People have even noticed and commented on how happy and relaxed I seem to be. Brilliant! You should go!

Peace of Mind Meditation__Star_Golden Hour.png

Whitley Bay

I have been attending Frankie’s sessions for a couple of months now and enjoyed them so much I started some one-to-one sessions with her too!

Genuinely, Frankie is amazing – she was born to do this!

All her sessions allow time to talk through how you’re feeling (or not, if you’re not feeling it – but I can guarantee you’ll want to open up!) and share your thoughts or worries. Frankie has such a lovely supportive, welcoming and calming approach and she has created a safe space, where I feel completely at ease and able to share my story with her/the group. No one is judged, nothing is daft or silly and Frankie is there the whole time to support you as are the like-minded people who are on their own journey but also cheering you on through yours too!

In my one-to-one sessions, Frankie listened to my worries/concerns and tailored the sessions around a particular area of my life. This gave me the tools to both see and approach things differently which has honestly been life changing (no joke!).

Frankie’s studio is beautiful, with gorgeous views of the Fish Quay. It is such a calming space and the little touches such as cozy blankets and herbal teas really add to the experience.
Frankie is amazing at what she does, and I can’t ever imagine a time I won’t want to work with her now. If you’re thinking of signing up to a session, please do, I guarantee you’ll love it!

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North Shields

I've absolutely loved these sessions with Frankie and it's such a good way to switch off from a busy life for an hour! If your mind feels like an internet browser with 50 tabs open, then come and do a few sessions with Frankie, you won't regret it!

Peace of Mind Meditation__Star_Golden Hour.png

North Shields

I’ve been attending Frankie’s classes for a few months now. What a lovely space. Frankie is a lovely host and the meditations have really helped with daily life and daily stresses. I love learning the knowledge and science behind some of the meditations. It’s a safe environment and I always leave feeling enlightened. I would recommend definitely. Frankie is fab.

Peace of Mind Meditation__Star_Golden Hour.png

North Shields

Gorgeous space. Very welcoming. I did a 5-week meditation course that was centred around cultivating positive changes with Frankie. I absolutely loved it. Frankie helped me see how important stillness and being present is. This class has given me tools to be able to make mindfulness a priority in my life. I hope I can keep it up! I will 100% come back for more classes. Thankyou so much xx

Peace of Mind Meditation__Star_Golden Hour.png

Jeff, Portsmouth

I've been meditating for around 10 years to help with stress and anxiety and Fran's sessions have been a lovely addition to my routine. 

She has a naturally soothing voice and her group Zoom sessions are very calming, with some very instructive practices for all levels of experience. Highly recommend! 

Peace of Mind Meditation__Star_Golden Hour.png

South Shields

I have attended courses with the lovely Frankie for over a year and feel the rewards and benefits of meditation everyday. Learning these skills and techniques have helped me deal with my chaotic life and become much more productive and focused.

Peace of Mind Meditation__Star_Golden Hour.png


Frankie is a positive influence to bring balance and calm in our hectic world. A little piece of peace, thoroughly recommend you give meditation a try.

Peace of Mind Meditation__Star_Golden Hour.png

Julie G,
North Shields

Although Peace of Mind Meditation takes place in a beautiful setting the actual meditations guided by Frankie and her soothing voice offer the real sanctuary .

Peace of Mind Meditation__Star_Golden Hour.png

South Tyneside

I was introduced to Frankie by a mutual friend who is a student of hers and I’ve never looked back I was a bit apprehensive at first as I’m new to this but she made me so comfortable and has such a warm presence about her I’ve had a couple of private sessions in the studio at North Shields quayside ( beautiful spot with an amazing view ) and I did a 5 week course on zoom recently and it’s all helped me so much in my life I can handle my emotions much better with the techniques I’ve learned from her and I’m now a much calmer happy person. I would definitely recommend peace of mind meditation to anyone if it works for me it’ll work for anyone because I was a completely different person before I was introduced to Frankie she actually cares and is always there to give me advice if there’s something going on in my life which I’m not sure how to handle thanks so much Frankie just for being you and I look forward to starting the next course.

Peace of Mind Meditation__Star_Golden Hour.png

North Tyneside

Frankie is very warm and approachable and I can’t recommend her courses highly enough.


I was completely new to meditation (and slightly skeptical), starting with the Zoom classes, then in person, and over a year later it has made such a positive difference to my life. I have a real fear of flying and public speaking but using the meditation techniques Frankie taught me I recently flew to New York to speak at a conference and not only survived but actually enjoyed it! I will definitely be continuing my meditation journey. Thanks Frankie x

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