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Here is a list of FAQ to help you learn more about Peace of Mind Meditation. If the answer to your question isn't here please contact me directly. 

How do I know if I can meditate? 

Meditation is simply a practice that involves tuning inwards, to
yourself and allowing yourself to just be. There’s no ‘right’ way and
everyone will have a different experience – probably every time
they do it! Minds can be busy, distractions will arise, that’s part of
the practise – it’s part of life. But I’ll be there guiding and reassuring
you that this doesn’t mean you’re doing it wrong, being aware of
what comes up during the experience is actually part of meditation.
I like the saying – ‘if you can breathe, you can meditate!’.


How long are sessions?

Both the group classes in person and on Zoom last for an hour.
This usually includes an introduction on what we will be reflecting
and practising, time for questions or to share thoughts, and two
guided meditations – lasting anywhere between five and 20 minutes
each. Some people like to share their experiences during the
classes, whereas others prefer to reflect quietly, or privately with me
after the class finishes.
The private one-to-one sessions can be either 60 or 90 minutes;
depending on your needs, budget and how long you’d like to
dedicate to it.


What is the difference between the Zoom and the Studio classes?

The evening Studio and Zoom sessions run concurrently on Mondays and follow the same theme and structure. They are themed around a certain topic, for example dealing with stress, and usually include two styles of guided meditations. The idea behind the options is that students can chose the best time and place to suit their needs and lifestyle; whether that’s in-person in a group at 6.15pm, or from the comfort of their own home at 7.45pm on Zoom. The Zoom class is recorded for both sessions so that people can catch up or re-visit in their own time. This is only accessible for those signed up for the current course and is held in a private Google Drive folder.


How much does it cost?

The 5-week meditation courses have three price options available, so that students can choose the price that reflects their current financial circumstances. The full price option for the whole course and recordings is £55, with discounted options of £50 and £45 available, too. Each course also offers funded places to anyone who feels they would benefit from meditation, but cannot pay for it themselves. These places are limited, but I always try to
accommodate people’s needs. The private one-to-one classes are £45 per hour, or £65 for 1.5 hours and are tailor-made bespoke sessions for the individual. Think of it like personal training for the mind! The new monthly Wellness Walks are an introductory price of £12.50 per session – this includes a walk and guided meditation either outside, or at the Studio by the Sea on the Fish Quay (depending on the weather!).


Is there parking? 

One of the great things about where I am (other than the beautiful
views!) is the plentiful free parking. There is a free car park just a
minute’s walk from the studio, as well as a private parking bay right
outside the studio if anyone needs the close proximity. Please note,
if you need access to the private parking bay this needs to be
agreed in advance of the class and you will need a permit from
myself to display in your car.

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